BearTOOLS Universal Inspection Record Kit

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These safety records are key for efficiently managing inspection procedures and address and prevent height hazards that can occur. It is a legal requirement on all ladders that there is a record fitted - this is usually where on the outside of the ladders where it is most visible.

  • Designed to be used to inspect pieces of equipment to comply with legislative requirements
  • These records comply with the requirements to maintain and inspect any type of equipment at any given period of time and will decide whether the object is deemed appropriate to use.
  • There are sides to the inserts - one giving information regarding inspection, reference numbers etc and the other to be placed on equipment that mustn’t be used (For equipment that has failed inspection). They are extremely clear to allow the end-user to instantly understand the current situation.
  • Our inspection record has clearly defined areas to record equipment identification and reference numbers, alongside an inspection record. Designed to fit in our record-holders
  • BearTOOLS replacement inserts can only be used with BearTOOLS holders