BearTOOLS Tower Inspection Record Kit

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These tower records are key for efficiently managing inspection procedures and address and prevent hazards that can occur. The insert has clearly defined areas to show locations and movement references to the tower. This allows employee to have instant access to important safety information. This will help prevent any unnecessary accidents and keep your site a safer place to work.

  • Designed for all types of mobile and stationary towers to help prevent hazards occurring when working at different heights.
  • These records should be fitted at all access points to the tower whilst in operation to inform users.
  • The records should remain on the tower from the first build to dismantle to ensure safety is maintained throughout the whole procedure.
  • The working at height regulations 2005 request that an assessment MUST be made before any work starts to happen. This record is in support of this legal requirement and will make you aware to any inspector or site visitors that you are maintaining safety standards for workers and colleagues.
  • Simple and easy to fix - requires little to no preparation before use. Portrays essential safety information and references. The inserts will slip into the holder which simply claws onto any part of the fixed scaffolding on the tower.