BearLOTO Safety Equipment Inspection Notice

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Keep equipment up to date with inspection records. This fire inspection safety record keeps an up to date account on inspection checks and whether the extinguisher is up-to-date and suitable to use.

  • BearLOTO safety notice is your perfect record for marking up all lockout devices, equipment and machinery.
  • ALLOWS YOU to keep record of previous safety inspections of equipment & follow safety standards with records of safety inspections.
  • ECONOMICALLY FRIENDLY, and has a loop at the top center for threading ties or padlocks through.
  • DUAL SIDED and constructed of strong non-tearable materials great for both indoor and outdoor application.
  • THIS NOTICE will allow you to keep all co-workers and colleagues up-to-date on the current status of machinery/equipment.
  • Dimensions: 145*75mm - 20 Pack - GRN