BearTOOLS Platform Safety Kit (10 Holder & 20 Tags)

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  • NEW DESIGN: This Light Duty Access Platform Inspection Tag is enabling you to abide by the legislative requirements on construction sites and ensuring safety is maintained.
  • VISUALLY BRIGHT: The Platform Safety Kit is visually bright and symbolic and will help prevent hazards on towers, platforms, podiums and steps around the construction site.
  • CLEAR RECORD: The layout of the Platform Safety Tag allows you to clearly note the time, date, location of the check and an authorised signature.
  • LEGAL REQUIREMENT: This is a must-have on a site from the first build stage to dismantle - ensuring all used ‘platform’ areas whether mobile or static are safe to use.
  • DURABLE AND QUALITY: This tag is extremely rigid and will fit securely onto any type of platform being used within the site, it is composed using high-quality materials ensuring it is weatherproof and able to endure more rough environments.