BearTOOLS Lightweight Coil Lanyard 2lbs 0.9kg

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PU Coated Aluminium Cable Retractable Snag Free Tethered Tools Coiled Tether

COMPACT DESIGN - Compact coil design keeps the lanyard neat and out the way reducing snagging.

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - The swivel connector on the coiled lanyard will fix onto your small and lightweight tools

HIGH-GRADE this coil lanyard has been manufactured to a high specification, using high-quality raw materials, which gives it a break strength of 0.9kg, perfectly adequate for your light hand tools.

SAFETY-FIRST Think before you climb, tethered tools save lives, just attach this lanyard when working at heights in any industry or environment.

DURABLE - When in the construction zone or working at heights it's essential to tether tools, check your site policy to find out the criteria.