BearTOOLS Ladder Inspection Record Kit

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VISIBLE AND CLEAR: bold colours allows the ladder tag to be well spotted within the construction site. 

Ladder tags identifies the ladder type, ID number and risk assessment period. Furthermore on the insert on the other side you can note pre-use and in-use checks for reference. 

EASY DESIGN AND LAYOUT: Clearly record the unique ladder reference number, risk assessment period and inspection dates.

ROBUST: high quality and weatherproof, displaying the most up to date information - so is super convenient for quick-reference.

Comes with a holder which attaches to the ladder permanently in which the inserts pop in and out easily and quickly.

Your ladder tag communicates the following:

Up to 12 planned inspections

Inspector Signatures

Unique Ladder Reference

Ladder Purpose and Use

Ladder inspection checklist

Ladder Inspection Trail