BearTOOLS Inspection Record Tag

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White - 150 x 80mm Indoor/Outdoor Use, Weatherproof, Matte Rigid, Equipment Safety, Universal Application, Tear Resistant, Hazard Prevention

  • 🚧 The Inspection Record tag informs workers and employees that the equipment/object has been inspected and what its current status is.
  • 🚧 This Inspection Record is COMPOSED of a card-stock material; which makes it tear-resistant, waterproof, and pulp-free.
  • 🚧 Its HIGH-QUALITY properties mean this tag will not crack, distort, or shrink. 

  • 🚧 IDEAL for Indoor and Short-term outdoor use/conditions, with a universal application making it available to use on any object.
  • 🚧 The TAG is manufactured with high-strength rigid plastic, making the record card tear, chemical & weather resistant.
  • 🚧 With its MATTE SURFACE which is scruff-resistant and its clear, easy-to-read table gives perfect foundations for annotating using a marker pen. Perfect for tagging applications.

150 x 80mm