BearTOOLS Hi-Vis Ladder Yoke + 3MTR Hi-Vis Ladder Strap C/W Cam Lock

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Hi-Vis Ladder Strap C/W Cam Lock 3mtr

HIGH-QUALITY Cam buckle lashing ladder strap for securely fastening ladders to a pole or anchor point, giving the user peace of mind.

EASY USE a simple fixture to the top of your ladder to give guaranteed support and stability when at heights.

REQUIRED this strap is compulsory on sites where ladders have been extended to heights as a way of protecting both the user of the ladder and others in the immediate area.

HIGH TENSILE composed of high-strength quality fabric, this ladder strap will not thread under pressure; it will give you an extra system of support and can be adjusted to suit the requirements with its cam buckle system

CAM BUCKLE has a cast steel buckle and a quick-release trigger, perfect for telephone poles and other services which need securing when maintenance is required

BearTOOLS Hi-Vis Ladder Yoke

This secures the base of the ladder to the object on which the ladder is resting. For example, if this object is more structural like a building, then you’d anchor the ladder strap into the side of the brickwork. Or on the other hand, if you had a pole, you would simply loop the strap around the pole and re-attached it to the yoke. This is a way of giving an additional method of safety when working on ladders at height.