BearTOOLS Cable Loop Attachment (3-Pack)

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BearTOOLS Cable loop tool attachment has a screw gate closure to securely connect items via a captive eye mounting point. Designed specifically for tool lanyards it can connect them to your tools with ease providing a strong fixture, which cannot come loose. When there isn't a connection point available you can use our d ring tether to tape or shrink to the device so this wire attachment has a captive eye. To enable you to be as safe as possible on site tethering your tools should be a part of an overall fall protection plan to increase workplace safety and reduce any dropped items from a height. The loop tether is perfect for connecting tools like craft or utility knives, levels, set and speed squares, screwdrivers, long nose and bull nose pliers, electrical screwdrivers and many tools with a weight below 0.9kg and a captive holes or d-ring affixed. Simple installation with a one-time assembly creates a quick and easy single step attachment to connect a tool lanyard to tools with no attachment points. Sold in a multipack you can keep all your tools ready to be tethered straight from your toolkit or tool box. Formed from a strong stainless-steel wire that is corrosion resistant to withstand all environments, with a yellow PU coating to protect it from moisture it will last. Recommended to wipe down when it gets wet after use Specifications 6 in. (15 cm.) in length Maximum tethering capacity of 2lbs. (0.9kg.)

  • SCREW GATE CLOSURE to allow your loop attachment to be securely attached to the tool lanyard you are using. This added safety support is compulsory when working at heights and in hazardous environments. Tethering your tools is critical for safety upkeep on site. This size is perfect for tools with small captive holes, such as small drivers, utility knives etc.
  • HI-VISIBILITY to enable the loop to be seen there is a luminous yellow PU coating over the wire to provide a weatherproof product that has added protection and durability when outdoors.
  • QUICK FIX this cable loop attachment is super easy to attach and connect to tool lanyards. Its easy screw closure allows a simple tightening and untighten. You will not need any other tool or tape to attach this loop end
  • DURABLE this cable loop is very well made and is corrosion resistant to most weathering its max load is 0.9Kg (2 LBS) This item is built to last and will prove extremely useful on sites over time. It is so important to make sure everything is securely fastened and attached when you are working at heights.
  • UNIVERSAL This ring attachment can be used for all products with a captive eye, whether it be your phone, wallet, a craft knife or a bull nose hammer, we have you covered.