BearTOOLS 15L Spill Kit

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  • ⦾ HIGH ABSORBENCY: This spill kit has the capability to absorb selective fluids. The super-absorbent pads within the kit are suitable on any spilt liquids, with their high fluid retention capacity they make a cost-effective spill clean-up solution!
  • ⦾ CONVENIENT:This kit is easy to manoeuvre and store, with its clip close bag it is really easy to access and deploy when needed. Given its slim design, this 15L spill kit will store in any confined space whether it be in a small cupboard, tucked neatly behind the seat in your van - you can always count on this kit whenever and wherever you may come across a spill. Ideal size to Carry in cars and small vans, either in cab (under or behind seat) or in the boot.
  • ⦾ UK MADE: This spill kit is manufactured in Great Britain, assuring you each component within the kit is of the finest UK quality and that your purchasing from a reliable uk based seller.
  • ⦾ CAPACITY: This oil spill kit will absorb 15L of liquid, making it a perfect use on more medium spills and leaks that have the potential to cause injury. This comprehensivespill kit is ideal for emergency response spills and enables you to handle and clean up  fluids.
  • ⦾ MOBILE SPILL KIT: This kit is suitable for use with spills and is ideal for rapid response clean-up across a wide range of application and industries as part of industry regulations. SINGLE USE APPLICATION ONLY