BearTOOLS® Self-fusing Silicone Tape

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BearTOOLS® Self-fusing Silicone Tape | Black, 25.5mm x 3 meters | 20 mils | Tool Tethering Tape | Quick Repair Tape for Electrical use, Garden Hose, Pipes | Anti Slip for Tools, Handles, Barbells

  • BEST TOOL TETHERING SOLUTION. This silicone amalgamating tape has strong elastic qualities & conforms to any shape. Creates durable tether attachments for tools without a suitable attachment point.
  • STRETCH & STICK. Activate and stretch our silicon tape, then pair it with Flat D-Ring Tool Tail Tethers for custom attachment points on your tools. Connect with confidence to your tool lanyards!
  • PERFECT FOR QUICK REPAIRS. Our self amalgamating tape is a highly efficient solution for creating a moisture & corrosion-resistant seal in situations where quick and residue-free wrapping is required.
  • DURABLE SEAL. Suitable for electrical insulation, pipe and hose repair, and other applications, our self fusing silicone tape eliminates the need for adhesives and ensures a long-lasting seal.
  • VERSATILE SELF FUSING TAPE. This black silicone tape has so many uses: as dumbbell grips, garden hose leak repair tape, pipe tape, tool grip tape, tool handle tape, even for bicycle handles
  • HEAVY DUTY. This silicone tape self fusing is highly conformable, can withstand 300°C high temperature impact & can work for a long time under -60°C - 250°C
  • Our multi-use Quick Fuse self fusing tape is 3 meters long and 25.5 mm wide. Great as plumbers tape, hose repair tape, silicone grip tape, garden hose repair tape, pvc pipe repair, pipe wrap tape

A must-have in every toolbox - The BearTOOLS® Quick Fuse Self Amalgamating Silicone Tape is the ultimate multi-use self-fusing tape. Best as Tool Tethering Solution for tools without suitable attachment points - paired with D-Ring Tool Tail Tethers, prepare your tools to be attached to your Tool Safety lanyards!

Aside from being a great tethering tape, our black silicone tape is also great for repairs. It is designed to help you fix and repair with ease. Made with high-quality silicone material, this tape is strong, durable, and stretchy, making it ideal for a wide range of repair jobs.

One of the unique features of our self-fusing silicone tape is its self-fusing property, which eliminates the need for any adhesive. Simply wrap the tape around the affected area and watch as it creates a permanent bond that will last.

Our silicone tape is incredibly versatile and can be used to fix leaky pipes, broken electrical wires, damaged automotive hoses, and much more. It can withstand extreme temperatures and pressure, making it perfect for use in all kinds of environments.

Our Quick-Fuse tape can also be used as anti-slip grip tapes for bike handle bars, gym and sports equipment like dumbbells, hockey sticks, golf clubs, etc.

With its easy-to-use design and mess-free application, our self-fusing silicone tape is the ultimate repair solution for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. It comes in a convenient roll that can be easily stored in your toolbox or garage, ready for any repair job that comes your way.