BearTOOLS Absorbent Sock (1.2mtr & 3mtr)

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  • UK MANUFACTURED - These Absorbent Socks are designed and made in Britain, using premium, highly durable materials.
  • MULTI-USE - Can be used for both Proactive and Reactive use. Furthermore these socks can be used both indoor and outdoor.
  • White: For Oil and Fuel Spills. Grey: For Maintenance Spills. Yellow: For Chemical Spills.
  • CONVENIENT - The properties of the composition of the sock allow it to be extremely flexible, allowing it to easily mould around awkward shaped machines or other such objects.
  • MATERIALS - This sock includes grey philic 100% PP spun outer sleeve, which is filled with a recyclable philic fill which gives that excellent liquid retention.
  • SIZES AVAILABLE - 1.2metre or 3metre by 74milli-metres.