800L Spill Kit

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SUPER ABSORBENT: This oil spill kit will absorb selective oils and oil-based fluids, this includes oils such as fuels, lubricants, and other hydrocarbon-based fluids - it will repel water. The super-absorbent pads within the kit are suitable for use with general-purpose spills and are a cost-effective clean-up solution. 

CONVENIENT: Easy to maneuver the kit comes within a clip close bag for easy access and deployment. The kit also comes with a four-wheeled wheeled bin which aids the easy transportation of the spill kit to where ever is necessary at the given time, furthermore once the spill kit has been used it can be placed inside the wheeled bin and disposed of, the bright yellow characteristics of the bin demonstrate that the goods within are hazardous.

UK MADE: this maintenance spill kit is manufactured in Britain, assuring you each component of the kit is of the finest quality. This spill kit is ideal for heavy, large spills and leaks that are dangerous and need to be acted on fast in order to prevent leaking into drains or injuries caused. Produced from materials that are manufactured for use in extremely oily, dirty environments.

Your OIL ONLY SPILL KIT INCLUDES: X6 Kits of; 20 x pads, 24 x 3m socks, and 1 x roll, 1 x clay drain cover, 1 x putty, 1 x tape, and 8 haz bags and ties and a  Yellow wheelie bin. WHITE COLOUR: The oil spill kit is distinct and highly recognisable due to its bright white appearance. 

COMPREHENSIVE: The oil spill kit is ideal for emergency response spills and enables you to handle and clean up oil-related spills. This kit is also extremely mobile as it is suitable for use with any type of spills and is ideal for rapid response clean-up across a wide range of applications and industries as part of industry regulations.

LARGE SPILLS: This 240l spill kit is perfect for large spills and leaks, due to its big capacity it is ideal to have where volumes of liquids are stored, and near high-risk areas such as rivers and canals, has mat delivery points and chemical storage areas. The kit also included socks which are to be placed around the outside of the spillage to perform as a barrier preventing the spill from moving any further and supporting the pads in soaking up the liquid.