800L Spill Kit

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This comprehensive Spill Kit covers Chemical, Maintenance, and Oil spills with a 800L capacity. Each spill kit offers specialized absorbent pads and socks for different spill types. The Chemical kit efficiently handles aggressive chemicals, the Maintenance kit manages non-aggressive fluids, and the Oil kit tackles oil-based spills.

This comprehensive 800L Spill Kit equips you to handle Chemical, Maintenance, and Oil spills effectively. Each spill kit includes specialized absorbent pads and socks designed for specific spill types. Here's why it's the right choice for spill control
  • Versatile Preparedness: Covering chemical, maintenance, and oil spills, these specialized kits ensure readiness for various spill scenarios.
  • Efficient Clean-Up: Specially designed absorbent pads and socks, precisely matched to each spill type, ensure a thorough clean-up without unnecessary effort.
  • British Craftsmanship: Proudly manufactured in the UK, these spill kits reflect British quality standards. Each component is engineered for reliable performance.
  • Comprehensive Response: Whether it's emergency situations, large spills, or rapid clean-up, these spill kits are suitable for diverse industries.
Stay prepared with BearTOOLS 800L Spill Kit for reliable spill control solutions.